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Paul Potter

Therapist, Teacher, Mentor - PaulPotterPT.com

"The Workplace Sphere of Influence Assessment will help you look at your work impact in a fresh, holistic way.  In a world of silos and specialization Kathleen challenges us to approach ourselves and work with synergy.  Her balanced approach to create personal margin to love and lead others is precisely what is needed to make your life sing in today's corporate world.”

Ann Thompson

Project Management Professional

"Kathleen has shared another great tool as she continues to guide us thru a journey of self-exploration and transformational thinking.  The Workplace Sphere of Influence Assessment is designed as a quick and comprehensive measure of the level of positive and negative impact we have on our work environment.  The assessment results, coaching tips and action planning not only highlight our proactive and reactive stance within our environment, but also challenge us to further develop our mindset, to set ourselves up for success not only in the corporate world, but our world beyond.  As we continue to invest in our work and life balance, with Kathleen's help, we'll be Finding our Groove. "